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Cristina Prenestina

My name is Cristina Prenestina, I am a drag queen who reads fairy tales, but not only that.

In everyday life I am Francesco, a social worker.

I know, this combination may seem "strange or rare", but it is so: beyond the stereotype, the collective imagination or prejudice, Queer is basically just that, going beyond labels, breaking the mold, being free to be whatever you want.

In a male chauvinist and heterosexist society that exalts the macho vision of the virile male, a man who wears women's clothes becomes a political, revolutionary gesture that breaks the glass bell of the stereotype where the toxic hood of binarism hovers.

I live in Rome, where my fairy tale project is mainly aimed at children: the world of children is made up of fantasy, just like the world of Drag Queens.

Fairy tales tell about a society.

But the fairy tales of the past tell of a patriarchal society, they promote models of gender difference that can no longer reflect today's societies.

We have to tell about change, about diversity as a value, about equality and fairness as a right. If some adults pretend not to see the change and would like to take Italy back to light years, then it would do them good to listen to some new fairy tales.

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