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Francesco Angeli

I am Francesco Angeli, president of Arcigay Roma, activist for the protection of the rights of the LGBT+ community.

I was born in Campobasso, in Molise, but when I was 18 years old I moved to Rome, to pursue my studies, but not only that; the detachment from my city of origin allowed me to come out, I am a gay boy but in my hometown I had difficulty living free.

I was bullied, I was discriminated against from primary school onwards and I carried it with me all the time. This obviously made it difficult for me to be accepted, so I came out around the age of 22, although many people had understood it before me. I have never forgotten my history, my origins and my land.

In Rome I was able to enter the world of activism, slowly taking many small steps until I became the president of the Roman Arcigay club.

Coming out was a gesture of love towards myself, which allowed me to live free and proud.

Loving is never wrong, and I would like everyone to understand that.


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