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Luce Visco

My name is Luce Visco, I am a proudly trans woman, an activist for the protection of civil rights, the president of Arcigay Molise, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, just like many others.

My name is Luce Visco, and being able to say it today makes me proud, fills me with pride. My name has been a conquest, my identity a victory.

Since early childhood I have always had a very clear perception of myself, of the discrepancy between my gender identity and biological sex.

At birth I was given another name, and for many years I hated it, because for me it represented a cage from which it seemed impossible to escape. I always knew that one day I would stop being a caterpillar and finally become a butterfly, and I was not afraid of who or what I would have to face, because freedom was at stake, and I was convinced that I deserved it.

I started my transition on my own and I don't deny that I suffered a lot, but I had the patience to give to others what they had not given to me: time. I knew how to wait for those who really loved me, I let them get used to my identity.

Today I am Luce, and not by choice, as many people think. I was not born in the wrong body, I did not choose my identity on a whim. I am Light because that is how I have always perceived myself, and that is the destiny that awaited me, that I have built, that I am proud of.

BE What You Want: no one can decide who we are, or who we should be, each one is master of his own destiny, and captain of his own soul.

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