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Martina Panini

I am Martina, a transsexual surgically operated with a disability called deafness.

In my life I can say that I have lived through hell because of the violence I have suffered from people who were part of my life.

Living with the constant pain of not feeling the way I wanted to has pushed me to make big changes. It is the change in ourselves that is really important. Loving yourself is the beginning of a lifelong love.

No matter what you go through, don't judge by appearances.

You have to live with empathy to understand others without judging them a priori.

You have to learn to listen with different eyes to understand them more deeply.

Today I am happy. I am part of the LBGTQ community that has supported me in carrying out my message, that of not having to depend on the judgement of others to like and accept oneself.

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