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There is not a single way of living, of loving, of being.
QUEER is above all a philosophy of life that fights stereotypes. It is innovative, transversal, inclusive, fluid.

QUEER breaks down gender boundaries and draws a style that does not bend to the conventions imposed by society.
It is absolute avant-garde, philosophically Dadaist: it is for people, not for bodies.
Original, authentic, honest. No limits, no pre-established codes.

QUEER is a brand that celebrates uniqueness.

QUEER is respect for people, for animals, for the environment: it condemns all kinds of marginalization and exploitation of work.

QUEER represents an original aesthetic proposal. It has not age, no ethnicity.

QUEER is vision, it is an open view on the world.

QUEER is freedom of expression, it is freedom of choice.


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